Cretel set to launch new generation of standalone fish skinners


Cretel, the Belgian machine manufacturer of food processing equipment and washing and drying solutions, is launching its new generation of standalone fish skinners. The F460M fish version will replace the older, proven 460VH model.

Cretel’s technology is based on 50 years of experience. Their machines are appreciated for their ease of use, reliability, and long lifespan. Their state-of-the-art CO2-neutral headquarters and production site are located in Ghent, Belgium.

Johan Timmerman, BU Manager Food Processing Equipment said: “We are eager and proud to present the F460M fish version to the public. We’re sure it will become a beloved and renowned skinning solution.”

The F460M fish version is a standalone fish skinner, designed for efficient and fast skinning of a wide range of fishes. The machine is robust and equipped with a safe 24-volt foot switch or a fixed foot pedal on the frame, like the previous model.

The differences between the new skinner and the earlier 460VH model are:

• The F460M is more hygienic and easier to clean.
• The skin/waste of the fish now falls into a bin at the front rather than at the back. This makes it easier to handle.
• Optimal knife clamping thanks to bolted skinning shoe instead of levers.
• New self-aligning assembly for the heart of the machine (toothed roller, cleaning system and skinning shoe) which provides a better and easier alignment.
• The foot pedal is sturdier and even more robust.

Cretel is set to showcase its range of food processing equipment alongside its washing and drying range at Seafood Processing Expo 2023. The expo takes place in Barcelona from April 25 until April 27. They will be present at booth 3BB601.

For further information, call 0032 9376 9595 or email

The CO2-neutral headquarters and production site located in Ghent, Belgium.

Cretel by ATS is a Belgian manufacturer of food processing equipment and washing and drying solutions.


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