Ozone solution for RAS

In recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) with increased stock densities and levels of water reuse, wastes accumulate rapidly. Sophisticated systems are required that can remove both particulate and dissolved organic wastes.
Conventional methods, such as microscreen filters and sedimentation tanks, do not remove fine colloidal solids. Today’s protein skimmers with ozone injection, however, have changed the picture completely. Independent tests done by Norway’s NIVA and Denmark’s DTU document water quality improvement at a new level.

A combination of a protein skimmer and ozone generator is a perfect choice to increase production capacity, using UV and turbidity & COD (chemical oxygen demand) treatment to kill free-swimming bacteria and oxidise dissolved substances. Ozone can be used to remove fine and colloidal solids, dissolved organic compounds and nitrite, and it is also a disinfection media.



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