Robots power aquaculture growth

Underwater robots have made larger and deeper offshore fish farming possible. The world’s top selling robot of its class is the Saab Seaeye Falcon, which can work continuously in deep and challenging conditions at tasks starting with initial site surveys and environmental studies, through installation, mooring checks, net checks, health monitoring, net cleaning and mort removal – and finally installation removal. Owner of three Seaeye Falcons is Chile-based Underdeep Solutions who deploy theirs for inspecting nets and moorings and when fitted with manipulators, for performing light work tasks around fastenings and buoys, and collecting and recovering items. Their 1000m-rated Falcon is fitted with a five-function manipulator, a soft rope cutter, an HDTV camera, B&W reverse camera, multi-beam sonar and acoustic positioning system. Pictured below is Chile’s Underdeep Solutions team deploying their 1000 metre rated Seaeye Falcon fitted with an underslung heavy duty five function manipulator for light work duties in and around nets.


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