Health program to reinforce protection against parasites


Functional nutrition is key to reducing the susceptibility of fish to parasitic infections associated with intensive farming.

Through continuous research and innovation, ADISSEO has gained understanding of fish-parasite interactions and has developed unique and efficient functional feed additives to battle parasites. Our health-promoting feed additives (SANACORE® GM, APEX® BRANCHIA or APEX® AQUA) are based on combinations of synergetic natural compounds, such as phytobiotics, immune-stimulants and organic acids, that can work through multiple mechanisms against a broad spectrum of parasites.

The synergistic combinations of natural components provide anti-parasitic protection against endo- and ecto-parasites via enhancement of innate immunity, mucus defensiveness, gut integrity and anti-inflammatory action. Well-documented results including laboratory and farm trials demonstrating high efficacy in lowering the prevalence and severity of intestinal, skin, and gill parasites, affecting cold- and warm-water species.


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