R3-IoT Connected Seafarm to launch at Aquaculture UK and help unlock digitisation for the industry


Cutting-edge satellite-communications company R3-IoT will launch its new Connected Seafarm solution at this year’s Aquaculture UK exhibition, 3-5 May 2022. Designed specifically for the aquaculture industry, it aims to solve the challenges in digitising remote aquaculture operations and sites.

The Connected Seafarm is a full end-to-end data services solution – from sensors to an insights platform – which wirelessly and seamlessly connects smart devices from anywhere in the world. With automatic, continuous data collection regardless of available connectivity infrastructure, it has also been designed to be easily and quickly deployed with no specialist in-house technical skills required.

In-situ weather data, environmental data (such as water quality) and operational data collected is automatically transmitted securely via the cloud, either to existing in-house systems, or to R3-IoT’s data insights platform, which displays easy to understand graphs and charts on desktop and mobile so key learnings can be shared across different sites and locations.

R3-IoT data insights platform user interface

Local and central teams can remotely make informed business decisions by monitoring environmental factors including temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and turbidity, as well as risks such as harmful algae bloom, ultimately improving sustainability, safety and productivity.

Given the challenges around remote connectivity, resiliency is at the core of the Connected Seafarm. It has been designed to work on or off-the grid, with no dependency on a single communications infrastructure, using built in dual cellular and satellite technology to provide peace of mind that remote teams can access site data 24/7 regardless of conditions and infrastructure, removing complexity but not ownership.

Kevin Quillien, co-founder and CTO of R3-IoT, said “Better connectivity, better data and better digital capability will be crucial to future operations across the sector – and the Connected Seafarm removes a major roadblock to reaching that goal.”

R3-IoT will be on stand 304 during Aquaculture UK – book in advance a short one-to-one session during the exhibition by getting in touch at: Aquaculture UK – Create a Meeting (hs-sites.com).



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