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UV and Ozone present sustainable opportunities for protection against disease in land-based hatcheries

Aquaculture accounts for approximately half of the fish consumed worldwide, and increasing demand is driving the growth of land-based hatcheries. But, to stay competitive in an evolving market, land-based hatcheries need to make use of technology to improve production and prevent disease.

UV and ozone technology support land-based hatcheries by enhancing the water treatment process, for protection against disease and to help achieve greater yields.

UV light works by penetrating the cell wall of micro-organisms. Without the need for chemicals or residue in the water, the UV energy permanently alters the DNA structure of the micro-organism, which inactivates it and renders it unable to reproduce or infect.

For the prevention of disease, Evoqua Wafer™ UV systems comply with Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) standards. Wafer UV models have been assessed for NVI validation using Aeromonas Salmonicida and Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) organisms.

When used in conjunction with Ozone treatment, this gives land-based hatcheries a double-barrier against disease.

Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidising and disinfecting agents. Ozone gas quickly dissolves in water and then decomposes back to oxygen in solution, leaving effectively no residuals in the treatment stream.

Rather than competing, UV and Ozone are complementary technologies. The combination of both UV and ozone technology can provide plants with a double-barrier approach for the prevention of disease and greater yields.

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