Net washing revolution – The AutoBoss is changing net cleaning for the better 


The AutoBoss is an automatic net washing machine that is easy to use and easy to maintain. There are no video cameras, no ROV controls, no monitors, and no sensitive or complex electronics. Place the AutoBoss in the pen, select the cleaning mode and press start. The robot will then wash the net automatically. It is that simple.

The AutoBoss operator’s role is not to wash nets but to maximise efficiency. The machine itself does the washing. This means that you get reliable results, every time.

“At Trimara our approach has always been to deliver an effective net washing solution that does what we say,” said Jamie Clark, Product Support Engineer for Trimara Services. “Our goal is to ensure that every operator can work independently of Trimara. We want to support them through training and with technical expertise so that there is no requirement for expensive on-going on-site service. Because the AutoBoss is uncomplicated with a robust design it is inherently reliable. Trimara focuses on commissioning, training, and 24 hour technical support to ensure that the on-farm experience is productive.”

Any competent diesel mechanic can be trained to maintain the AutoBoss. The machine itself is superbly engineered, but the post-sale support is also critical to effective deployment. Trimara provides a comprehensive wrap-around commissioning, training, and support package with every unit sold. This support enables operators to be independent of Trimara for ongoing routine servicing and machine management.

There are now more than 40 AutoBoss units working in Scotland, Canada, the USA, Greece, Norway and New Zealand. The machines are working with Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, sea bass and sea bream. Cleaner fish, which are used in some salmon nets, are not affected by the AutoBoss washing machine.


Orland Hansen

Grieg Seafood BC – an AutoBoss revolution case history
Grieg Seafood started with the very first commercial AutoBoss machine in 2015 and now have a fleet of 11 AutoBoss cleaners. “The incorporation of the AutoBoss technology into our operating strategy cleared the way for adopting a more inclusive business model. Through our partnerships with local Nations and communities, we have been working together to find opportunities for First Nations businesses and communities. The AutoBoss technology is easily adaptable to existing vessels, making it easy to retrofit and providing a relatively quick start up. To date, we have two independent First Nation’s owned and operated companies carrying out our net cleaning services and we hope to expand that in the coming years,” says Orland Hansen, Reconciliation Director for Grieg Seafood. “Trimara has shown support to both us at Grieg and our First Nations partners. The AutoBoss is reliable, efficient, and effective, and we continue to be impressed with the results.”

AutoBoss: quick facts
• Fuel Efficient: 11 litres per hour
• Fast and effective: 1.5hrs to wash side walls / 2.5hrs to wash the complete net (120m circle, 20m side wall, max depth 26m)
• Fully self-contained – no vessel required once deployed in the pen
• Automatic – lift it into the pen, select the washing mode, press start
• Weight: 1.1 tonnes
• Washing Depth: >50m
• App and radio based remote control options.

For more info:
Contact: +44 7445 280108.



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