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State of the art genetics are the key to rearing successful salmon

It starts with optimal genetics. Founded in 1991, Benchmark Genetics has been a long-established and trusted provider of genetic material to the salmon farming industry and, more recently, the expanding global land-based sector.

As a result of the long-term breeding programs, the salmon ova produced are steeped with intensive innovation, focused directly on the customer’s requirements.

Optimal genetics is key to the quality of the product supplied with in-house benchmarking tests in seawater, indicating that the current growth rate is double compared to what it initially was in 1991 when the program started.

With that said, many of the producers have their preferences for more tailored genetics to suit their farming requirements and to improve disease resistance. To do this, Benchmark’s experienced sales team determine the optimal blend of genetic traits enabling to offer a variety of product lines to meet individual customers requirements.

The company acknowledge that the success of the farmers highly depends on their ability to take out the genetic potential of the eggs delivered. As a result, Benchmark Genetics have since 2018 been building a solid and competent salesforce based in Inverness.

This experienced team includes Ben Perry, Sales and Technical UK and North America, who has extensive knowledge and passion for salmon aquaculture with a drive to develop and grow this sector using innovation. Ben has a solid clinical background within freshwater and seawater and an extensive knowledge of the Scottish salmon industry developed since 2014. Harry Tziouvas, RAS Sales Manager, has extensive knowledge and field experience in Atlantic Salmon fish health management and seawater production from working in the Scottish salmon industry.

Finally, the team also includes Andrew Preston, Global Technical Manager RAS with a strong research and production background in salmon aquaculture and recirculated aquaculture systems (RAS).

The UK-based Benchmark Genetics team complement each other with experience in many aquaculture applicable fields and leverage these experiences to deliver customer support.

Benchmark is continuously conducting research to improve the genetic strains with a key focus on growth performance and robustness. Lately, more than 100 families have been placed with a longstanding Scottish client; these will be used further to optimise the selection to production challenges in Scotland. This benchmarking has been conducted for many years in Norway and now has been rolled out globally.

The new incubation centre in Iceland has recently been put into operation. 10,000 single incubators will ensure high quality ova for the Scottish industry.

In conjunction with R&D, Benchmark has invested in a new incubation facility in Iceland to meet increased demand. The investment will provide increased egg capacity and secure continuity in the supply of biosecure eggs all year to the global market.

Every single egg is undergoing quality checks, photographic scanning and grading before they are packed and delivered.

Interested to learn more about Benchmark Genetics and the product and service concepts? Visit www.bmkgenetics.com or contact the UK Sales Office: +44 (0)7788 009 2017


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