Water management – Is the key issue for sustainable and profitable fish farming in closed tanks


Searas offers products and systems that bring a new dimension to water management in fish farming

Searas Reactor – optiRAS – is a stand-alone RAS module where water treatment is performed in and above the circular tank. With a flow/volume of 3x/hour through Aquaducts, they skim out small particles and maintain low CO2 and H2S levels with low energy consumption. The outer ring volume contains the biofilter, and water flows through the system driven by Aquaducts. Estimated energy consumption is <2kWh/kg produced fish. The system is fully instrumented with Aquasense.

SeaRAS Aquaduct – A combined degasser, skimmer and oxygenator with large capacity and low energy consumption. SeaRAS Aquaduct is easily retrofitted into your existing RAS-facility for improving water quality. The Aquaduct is the “H2S remover” the industry has been waiting for. Supplied with SeaRAS Aquasense, the degassing capacity for both H2S and CO2 can be verified.

SeaRAS Aquasense – the first and only real time monitoring system for water quality that can follow the production and removal of H2S in closed tanks down to <0,05μg/liter water. Aquasense also includes sensors for real time monitoring of CO2, O2, pH, Salinity, TDGP, and Turbidity. Wireless transmission of live data enables easy access from mobile units. The Aquaware SW package presents data in a user-friendly format with direct link to a digital logbook. An automatic check of each sensor calibration is carried out, and data can be exported/imported to local Scada system. SeaRAS Aquasense was the winner of the AquaNor 2021 Innovation Award.

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