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From net-cleaning ROVs to cleaner fish hides, AKVA can help keep your stock safe

Five years ago, AKVA group and the ROV (remotely operated vehicle) manufacturer Sperre launched the first remote free-flying net cleaning system.

At the time it was not uncommon to apply whatever pressure was available from the HP pumps onboard the service vessels to the nets, in many cases well over 200 bar. As it turned out, however, the combination of net cleaners using belts as propulsion crawling on the nets, and high pressure applied to the nets, resulted in significant wear and tear on the nets and net mesh. Today we know better.

Remotely operated free-flying net cleaning systems were first introduced with the launch of the FNC8 (Flying Net Cleaner) at the end of 2016. It was the first of its kind in the world and has radically changed our entire approach to net cleaning.

With low running costs of £100-£150 per day for 12 hours of cleaning and quick cleaning times the FNC8 is also helping to reduce the stress on fish during the cleaning process. We are currently testing a system for the collection of loose fouling particles caused by the net cleaning process and we are confident that we will have a good solution to this problem soon. This will enable the system to both clean nets efficiently and enhance fish welfare during the cleaning process.

AKVA group and OK Marine

OK Marine, partnered with AKVA since 2015, is a world-leading supplier of cleaner fish equipment which can be used to enhance the welfare of all farmed fish. While cleaner fish can help to reduce the lice burden on salmon, improving welfare, it is important to remember that they also have their own welfare needs. OK Marine provide a full range including hides and feeding equipment through their GOOD concept.

Feeding is necessary to ensure working and healthy cleaner fish. The GOOD range offers both surface and sub-surface feeding options to ensure that the correct nutrition is reaching the cleaner fish, and this ensures both top health and high welfare standards. Feeding of cleaner fish is tricky and providing several methods ensures that every fish has a chance to get the nutrition it needs to thrive.

To protect cleaner fish from danger, it is critical to provide good opportunities to return to safe feeding grounds and hides. The GOOD concept is based on solid competence and extensive experience and has been developed in close collaboration with fish farmers. This also includes recapture tools that enable optimal handling of cleaner fish during operations which could compromise the welfare of the cleaner fish.

To discuss any of these products, please contact Donald Fowler, Commercial Manager, AKVA group Scotland at or 07766367433



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