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OXE200 delivers 200hp and 415NM of torque, meeting the demands of users who require high-speed capacity, while maintaining durability and reliability.

One company is changing the outboard market by lowering emissions and costs

Nature is a force of its own, and to operate within it requires both trust in onboard crew, but also trust in the equipment used. More importantly, commercial users in aquaculture depend on their gear to ensure that they can perform their daily operations. OXE Marine AB, are the innovators behind OXE Diesel, a diesel outboard developed specifically for commercial users. OXE Diesel combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines.

Today, the market for outboards consists of mostly gasoline-fuelled, pleasure craft products, built for leisure use. Gasoline is a poor choice for the planet as it has low efficiency and in the non-regulated outboard market contributes to high emissions, but also for the crew as high fuel consumption and spark-ignited engines result in a need for a high-volume fuel tank with highly explosive contents. The 100-year-old transmission technology with dog clutches and bevel gears, as used in most outboard designs today, wasn’t developed to endure the long hours, nor to transfer the amount of torque needed for commercial applications.

It is safe to say that equipment designed to endure only 350 hours, as stated by the CE standard, hardly lives up to the demands of a commercial user. Commercial users operate on a day-to-day basis no matter the conditions. The units are often run for more than 1,000 hours a year. The endurance of the unit in use is not the only issue, however. Efficiency, serviceability, and emission levels also play a huge part in the commercial user’s environment.

The Uncompromised Solution

The OXE Diesel outboard is built with commercial users in mind: those who require high durability, units that are easy to service and require minimal maintenance yet provide maximal range. By transforming the outboard motor, a new segment in the marine industry has been created, while also taking the industry further along the journey towards a more sustainable and ecologically positive marine environment, without compromising on reliability, endurance, power, or control.

The reduced fuel consumption of an OXE Diesel and the extended service intervals have shown that a commercial user, operating in the United Kingdom and switching from a leisure outboard to OXE Diesel, saves an average of £20,000 per year.

The powerful high torque delivery of the diesel engine manifests itself throughout the OXE Diesel engine series. Together with a robust transmission and interchangeable gear ratios, it provides the users with reliable options to use the engine both as a powerful workhorse and a high-speed solution.

The OXE Diesel

The powerhead on the OXE Diesel is a robust solution adopted from the automotive industry. It has been horizontally mounted to reduce wear, all the while improving heat dissipation. The power is transferred to the gearbox through the primary transmission, which can be positioned in either a high speed or high torque setting. To increase the endurance, reliability, and strength demanded from a commercial user, the bevel gears system, found in both outboard and stern drive solutions, has been replaced with a belt propulsor system. The dog clutch used mainly on outboard systems is substituted with an electro-hydraulically operated gearbox, placed over the waterline. From a safety aspect, this allows for seamless engaging speed, trolling capability, and crash stop capability without risking gearbox failure, significantly increasing crew safety. From the gearbox, a poly-chain carbon fibre belt transfers the power directly to the propeller shaft, eliminating the need for a conventional bevel gear system.

This patented, modular system delivers high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and high torque, enabling increased functionality for fishing operations, crew transportation, and other applications.

• Reduced fuel consumption means more range and longer distances to be covered.
• Increased power outlet (180 AMP) eliminates the need for a separate generator to power onboard equipment and the closed coolant system facilitates a heating system withdrawal from the engines to the cabin which extends the endurance of the crew.
• High torque means that more weight can be transported with minimal effect on performance.

Engineering the Future

The OXE200 Diesel reduces fuel consumption by more than 42%, CO2 emissions by more than 35.5%, harmful CO by more than 99.7%, and HC+NOx by up to 70%, compared to an average gasoline outboard. This not only makes the OXE Diesel environmentally favourable, but also allows its users to go more than 680% further on one tank. This means less downtime time at the refuelling station and more time on the water. OXE Diesel models are also compliant with stringent environmental regulations like EPA Tier III, IMO Tier II, and RCD, a first for outboard combustion engines.

By focusing on reducing complexity, environmental impacts, and fuel consumption to increase serviceability, reliability, torque, and range, OXE Diesel dramatically cuts operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions, to the benefit of people and the planet. www.oxe-diesel.com

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