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FLS Caligus is a high-performance delouser, focussed on fish welfare

We care about fish welfare because it is both good for the fish and economically important for the farmers.

FLS has specialised in delousing for more than 10 years and has gained considerable experience in this matter. Salmon is a fragile bundle of muscle, and therefore our focus on innovation has always been based on the fish’s welfare.

The FLS Caligus delouser is a mechanical delouser that flushes with seawater at seawater temperatures. It is organised as a siphon that pulls the fish from the cage and delivers it back to the cage at the same level. In the vacuumed pipeline this gives low lifting height which is one of many important benefits by using FLS Caligus.
Pumping pressure affects the fish negatively, therefore we aim to perform the operation with the lowest possible pump pressure. By using our gentle ejector to move the water and fish through the system, with zero lifting height, we need a pumping pressure of only 0.35 – 0.45 bar to get the perfect water speed of 2-2.5 metres pr second.

The fish is flushed twice through our gentle full water flushers, which is effective and gentle in delousing, and means the fish can be handled without wounds and injuries. This is achieved in a combination of the size of the flushers, pipelines and the precisely flushing nozzles. FLS Caligus flushes with low pressure of only 0.55-0.85 bar, and still removes about 95% of the sea lice.
To ensure an objective assessment of FLS product documentation, we engaged veterinarian institutes and other organisations to document the fish welfare and product efficiency.

Successful delousing is a combination of capacity (tons per hour), efficiency (delouse percentage) and fish welfare (minimising stress, injuries, wounds, and mortality). With FLS Caligus we have found the right combination to delouse the fish without harm.

Our customer MV Smøla Viking, has a FLS Caligus delouser with four lines with a capacity of 200 tones per hour. They can demonstrate mortality rate as low as 0.1% and a delousing effect of more than 95%.

FLS Caligus delousing is a sustainable system – it treats the fish carefully and has low energy consumption, and there are no chemicals or hot water involved.

For more Information and documentation visit www.fls.no
E-mail: office@fls.no
Telephone: +47 – 71 52 94 20.



Featured: Salmon welfare
1: FLS Caligus delousing at MV Smøla Viking
2: FLS Caligus – high-performance delouser, focused on fish welfare


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