Mowi rationed to two ‘donuts’


MOWI has been awarded two development licences for its marine ‘donut’ concept, according to reports yesterday.
The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries approved two permits out of an original eight for the floating closed containment innovation which, it said, was ‘unlike anything else that is in general commercial use in the aquaculture industry’.
The two licences are for a maximum total biomass of 1,100 tonnes of salmon, trout and rainbow trout fish, for a period of up to seven years.
Mowi had earlier lost an appeal over the number of donut licences approved and is thought to be considering whether to proceed with the project.
The marine donut, designed by Norwegian firm OPD, is a fully covered and escape proof construction, 90 per cent of which will be submerged.
Mowi has also been awarded three development licences for its Blue Revolution Centre, Undercurrent News reported.
This is a large-scale research station where the company plans to develop new offshore salmon farming technology.
And Mowi had previously been granted six development licences for its ‘egg’ concept, worth 3,120 tonnes of biomass.
Picture: How the marine donut will look


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