King crab wears export crown

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KING crab  has become the latest seafood fashion  from Norway, with catches continuing to make its fishermen big money, according to the latest exports figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council.
Not only has the supply of this giant creature increased,  but exports  shot up by 71 per cent last month  and they now account for 76 per cent  of the total  value for the species.
Josefine Voraa, advisor for market insight at the Seafood Council, said: “Combined with increased demand and thus increased prices, August became a strong month for the king crab.”
The country  exported 461 tons of king crab worth NOK 131 million during  August. This is an increase of 105 tonnes or 29 per cent on the same month last year, while the value increased by NOK 39 million or 42 per cent. So far this year, 1,400 tonnes of king crab worth NOK 400 million have been sent overseas.
Shrimp, Norway’s other big shellfish earner is also making more money. Although volumes dropped by 85 tonnes or nine  per cent to a total of 815 tonnes, the value increased by NOK 7 million or 10 per cent to NOK 74 million in August. So far this year, 6,100 tonnes of shrimps have been exported to a value of NOK 500 million.
Meanwhile, exports of fresh cod  continued to increase totalling 2,400 tons ( including fillets) last month. It earned Norway’s fishermen NOK 86-million, a rise of 11 per cent or NOK 8.3 million Volumes rose by 13 per cent or 275 tons.  So far this year, 56,000 tonnes of fresh cod  worth NOK 2-billion have been sent abroad.
However,  frozen cod  sales fell by 41 per cent to 4,900 tons last month. The value was down by 27 per cent to NOK 183 million. Frozen cod exports so far this year are worth NOK 1.75 billion.
Herring exports during August totalled 18,700 tons and were worth NOK 190 million, a volume increase of 25 per cent and a value rise of 21 per cent. Herring exports for the year to date are worth NOK 1.6 billion. Mackerel exports fell by 31 per cent in value to NOK 64 million.


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