EU pledges €6bn to help aquaculture and fishing


THE European Union has set aside more than six billion euros (£5.3 billion) to help fishing and aquaculture businesses move towards a more sustainable future.
A total of  €6.14 billion  will be spread over six years and channelled through a new look European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). But  for the first time  UK businesses will be left out  because when it comes into force in 2021 Britain will have left the EU and the follow up  transition period will have come to an end.
Much of the focus will be supporting small scale fishermen and businesses. Coastal communities will receive more and broader support to set up local partnerships and technology transfers in all blue economy sectors, including aquaculture.
The European Commission said: “It will also help unleash the growth potential of a sustainable blue economy towards a more prosperous future for coastal communities. For the first time, it will contribute to strengthening international ocean governance for safer, cleaner, more secure, and sustainably managed seas and oceans. Finally, the Commission is reinforcing the environmental impact of the Fund with a focus on protecting marine ecosystems and an expected contribution of 30 per cent of its budget to climate change mitigation and adaptation, in line with the commitments agreed under the Paris Agreement.”
EU Fisheries Commissioner  Karmenu Vella, said: \”Healthy, well-managed oceans are a pre-condition for long-term investments and job creation in fisheries and the broader blue economy. As a global ocean actor and the world\’s fifth largest producer of seafood, the European Union has a strong responsibility to protect, conserve and sustainably use the oceans and their resources. The Fund will allow Member States and the Commission to live up to that responsibility and invest into sustainable fisheries, food security, a thriving maritime economy, and healthy and productive seas and oceans.\”


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