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THE international seafood and food processing equipment company Marel  has joined forces with the Iceland Ocean Cluster in a bid to build a stronger network, create new business opportunities and promote innovation.
The Ocean Cluster concept, established a few years ago,  is based on the idea of bringing people together from different parts of the marine sector to nurture connections between entities for the mutual benefit of all parties.
One important consequence of this level of co-operation is the collective creation of more value from marine resources. For the fish processing industry, this means creating more value out of each fish caught, and Marel said it was  proud to support the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s goal of 100 per cent  utilization.
The Cluster’s  reach  also stretches beyond Iceland as last November  it signed a memorandum of understanding with Seafood  Grimsby and Humber. But Marel, which has just announced a 14 per cent in first quarter sales,   is the first technology supplier to enter into a cooperation agreement with  the Ocean Cluster.
The agreement, sets out the roles, responsibilities and benefits for both parties and aims to increase opportunities through cooperation.
The Iceland Ocean Cluster is the first unit of a wider cluster network, with other clusters  including the New England Ocean Cluster in Maine and the New Bedford Ocean Cluster in Massachusetts.  The Northern Norway Ocean Cluster in the fishing port of  Batsfjord and the Seattle Ocean Cluster are the next such groups  set to be established


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