Conservation body rebrands as ‘WildFish’

Environmental campaign group Salmon & Trout Conservation has a new name: WildFish.

The UK-based charity will continue to lobby for the protection of wild fish and the aquatic environment, but it is rolling out a new visual identity and a new website

Chief Executive Officer Nick Measham said in a message to supporters: “For over 100 years Salmon & Trout Conservation has campaigned for the protection of wild fish and the aquatic environment.

“As a well-established and respected charity, we have the foundations to take the action that is urgently needed. WildFish will amplify our voice and allow us to reach a wider audience than ever before.

“As WildFish we will continue to use science and the law to change government policy, industrial practice and individual behaviour. We will continue to tackle the prime causes of declining wild fish populations: pollution, from sewage and agriculture, over-abstraction and open-net salmon farming.”

Salmon & Trout Conservation has long been critical of the fish farming industry, blaming open-net salmon farming as a factor in the decline of wild salmon, along with habitat destruction, agricultural pollution and poor river management.