BREAKING: Mowi’s North Carradale farm hit by Storm Ellen

Carradale North farm was badly hit by Storm Ellen

Mowi Scotland have reported that its farm at North Carradale was hit by Storm Ellen yesterday.

The company have issued the following statement:

‘On August 20, 2020, Mowi’s salmon farm at Carradale North, consisting of 10 circular net pens containing 550,000 salmon (@~4.2kgs), shifted position after its seabed anchors became dislodged during Storm Ellen that has hit the UK and Ireland. The company’s priority at this time is to secure the fish cages in place until Storm Ellen subsides, and to safeguard staff, contractors and fish stock.

‘The company has informed Marine Scotland of the event. A final update will be provided after recovery is complete’.

More will follow on this breaking news story…..