Cooke Aquaculture consults on Shetland plan

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Fish farmer Cooke Aquaculture has been consulting on plans for a new salmon farm near Vementry on Shetland.

The proposed farm at Swarbricks Minn, between Vementry and Muckle Roe, would consist of 12 x 120 m circumference salmon pens arranged in a group of 2 x 6 pens. There will also be a feed barge moored to the south of the pen group.

Cooke says the farm would be serviced on a daily basis from the company’s existing shorebase at Aith. The company says the development would lead to the creation of five highly skilled full-time jobs in the local area.

The company’s statement outlining the proposal also says: “The high energy environment within Swarbacks Minn will create optimal growing conditions that promote excellent fish welfare whilst also minimising our interactions with the environment and potentially sensitive receptors in the wider area.”

Two public meetings took place this week to explain the plans to the local community.

The proposed farm would be subject to an environmental impact assessment (EIA). The site is close to the Special Protected Area (SPA) at Papa Stour, which hosts important breeding colonies of seabirds, and this would be included in the EIA.

Cooke says: “Cooke is one of the largest employers in Shetland and sustainable growth of the business enables us to create new jobs and secure the jobs of existing facilities. We plan to not only invest in our people and development but also the local communities we support. Since 2017 we have spent £260,000 in local communities in Shetland through our Community Benefit Fund and with new developments we plan to invest in the local communities we work within.”


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