Stock marine cranes available now from Brimmond

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As the exclusive UK and Ireland provider and servicer of Heila Marine Cranes, Brimmond has six models now available for immediate delivery

These are:
• HeilaHLM8-2S: 1,200kg @ 7.43m
• HeilaHLM10-3S: 940kg @ 10.3m
• HeilaHLM20-3S: 1,700kg @ 10.56m
• HeilaHLM25-3S: 2,200kg @ 10.5m
• HeilaHLM25-5S: 1,200kg @ 14.7m
• HeilaHLRM45-5S: 1,750kg @ 14.9m

As a brand that’s been synonymous with exceptional customer service for over 25 years, Brimmond specialises in delivering marine crane solutions that seamlessly meet customers’ operational demands.

Whether selling, renting, repairing or refurbishing the company’s ever-growing range of new and second-hand marine cranes, Brimmond’s service offering is founded on being responsive and creating value for clients.  
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