The July 2023 issue of Fish Farmer is out now online


The July issue of Fish Farmer is out now, and you can read or download it here.

This month we are celebrating the shellfish sector. When it comes to producing healthy protein for human consumption, with a minimal impact on the environment, it’s hard to beat farmed molluscs.

You would think, therefore, this sector might receive a little more support and understanding from the powers that be. As Nicki Holmyard reports from the Shellfish Association of Great Britain conference, that isn’t always the case and the industry’s voice needs to be better heard.

Also in this feature we highlight innovative thinking in oyster restoration, and Dr Martin Jaffa ponders whether the British consumer will ever fall in love with the “clamburger”.

In the July issue we also look ahead to Aqua Nor, the aquaculture industry’s biggest trade show, due to take place next month in Trondheim, Norway. Find out what to expect from Aqua Nor 2023 and also see how Team Scotland will be represented in a way that’s bigger and better than ever.

Recently Fish Farmer was lucky enough to catch up with AKVA Group’s Chief Executive, Knut Nesse, and you can see the insights he shared with us about the direction in which technology is going in the aquaculture sector.

This issue also features an article on Ireland, including the findings from an annual survey of the Irish seafood sector and the strategy drawn up by state agency BIM to make the Emerald Isle a seaweed superpower.

Also, Vince McDonagh looks at the repercussions of the Norwegian salmon tax that was voted through in May, and at the critical findings of a report on farmed fish welfare by the country’s National Audit Office; Salmon Scotland’s Tavish Scott recommends making a fish farm visit part of your summer plans; and Sandy Neil looks at what will happen once the UK finally puts its post-Brexit import checks on seafood into effect.


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