Norway and Vietnam to strengthen aquaculture ties

Norway and Vietnam have entered into a new co-operation deal to develop marine aquaculture.

Norway’s credentials in fish farming are already well known, but Vietnam has also become a leading exporter of aquaculture products, notably whitefish such as pangasius to the UK and Europe.

The co-operation deal was strengthened at a recent seminar in the city of Nha Trang.

Hilde Solbakken, Norway’s ambassador to Vietnam, told the seminar that co-operation on fishing related issues went back for almost 40 years, but things were now moving faster.

Norway now has several aquaculture companies operating in Vietnam helping to provide various technology-related solutions.

Tran Dinh Luan, head of the Vietnam Fisheries Department said that with both countries having a long coastline, they have many similarities and common interests.

Studying Norway’s experience and lessons of success would provide ideas to help Vietnam solve current difficulties as well as implement appropriate policies to develop stronger and more sustainable mariculture, he said.

Vietnam has set out a new seven-year strategy plan for developing its marine aquaculture sector which includes an even longer term vision up to 2045.

The aim is to create a safe and sustainable environmentally friendly industry creating branded products that meet the needs of both foreign and domestic customers.

Tran Dinh Luan said the plan would also look at reducing exploitation and increasing aquaculture as a policy to help balance human needs with the conservation of marine resources and sustainable development.

By shifting to offshore farming, developing fish farming on an industrial scale towards export and improving would improve the quality and value of Vietnam’s aquatic sector, he added.


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