Fish farmer claiming £2m ‘misdiagnosis’ compensation

Salmon producer Måsøval is demanding more than £2m in compensation from the Norwegian government over claims that a form of pancreatic disease was misdiagnosed at one of its fish farms three years ago.

The company, which has been arguing for some time that it suffered large losses as a result of the misdiagnosis, has now filed a claim for NOK 28.9m with Trondelag District Court.

The form of the disease involved is the sub type SAV3 which can have a large economic impact on farmed Atlantic salmon despite years of use of special vaccines.

The episode took place at Kattholmen, an islet near Bergen in western Norway in August 2019.

The company said in a statement yesterday: “Before the misdiagnosis was ascertained, Måsøval had, in accordance with the regulations, slaughtered large numbers of fish at the facility, as well as at the neighbouring facility Or.

“After the misdiagnosis was ascertained, Måsøval demanded compensation from the state.

“The state acknowledged liability for the misdiagnosis in November 2022, but the state still do not recognise a causal link between the misdiagnosis and the financial loss suffered by Måsøval.

“Måsøval has now submitted a statement of claim to Trøndelag District Court with a claim for compensation of NOK 29.8m the loss caused by the misdiagnosis.”

Måsøval is a successful family owned company based on the Trondelag coast producing over 25,000 tonnes a year. It also has extensive salmon farming interests in Iceland.

The government has yet to issue a formal response to the claim.


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