Combined fishing/aquaculture vessel is a world first

An order has been placed for the world’s first combined fishing and aquaculture vessel.

The Norwegian shipbuilder Larsnes Mek has signed a contract to build the boat for Myre Kystdrift AS, a seafood business based in Vesterålen, Nordland.

When completed in late 2024 it will operate as a dual seine net vessel and a farmed fish harvest boat, making it the first of its kind.

The vessel will be the shipyard’s build no. 73, and will have the design designation SC-51. The design is adapted from a model used for white fish, and also includes a bleeder line for salmon and trout, for the aquaculture industry.

The vessel will be equipped with RSW (refrigerated sea water) cooling and an automated factory line for processing fresh fish. Larsnes Mek said the design is environmentally aware and and focused on the vessel’s climate footprint.

It will be equipped with latest technology with an optimised hull, propeller with nozzle, two steps gear, variable speed generator, “take me home” solution (an emergency drive system), and a battery pack with approximately 1.5 Mwh.

Myre Maritim believes that a combined operation between fisheries and aquaculture will utilise its capacity efficiently and facilitate the transfer of expertise between the industries. The combined vessel will include the best technologies from both of these seafood sectors. It will be just over 51 metres long and 12 metres wide.

Michael Lockert, general manager of Myre Kystdrift AS, said that the use of existing technology from the aquaculture industry, such as automation, can in the long term ensure correct resource accounting and quality-assured management of the Norwegian fishing industry.

Myre Kystdrift also hopes that the new vessel will be a more attractive workplace, helping  recruitment to the Norwegian seafood industry.



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