Seafood Council responds on salmon tax

The Norwegian Seafood Council has responded to an invitation from the Oslo government to give its views on the impact of the proposed salmon ground rent tax.

The Council concerns itself with promoting Norwegian fish overseas and normally does not get involved in  political issues.

But with so many dire warnings about the impact of the tax on the fish farming sector  it is thought the government is keen to get a commercially independent opinion.

The invitation has come directly from the Ministry of Finance. Seafood Council CEO Christian Chramer said: “The consultation deadline was officially 4 January but we prioritised this work before Christmas so that the Ministry of Finance can start looking at our input as soon as possible.”

The Council has now delivered a 20-page document containing its assessments. Its submission has not so far been made public.

Chramer added: “ We have worked within our mandate and the order from the Minister of Finance, and that is to shed light on the market situation for salmon and assess what effect the salmon tax may have on it.

“In the response to the consultation, we have placed the greatest emphasis on the proposal for standard price and deductibility for export tax, as is proposed for the R&D tax.”

The Seafood Council is thought to have particularly singled out the views of its main overseas envoys.

Chramer explained:  “Our offices abroad have contributed unique knowledge and insight from their markets.

“They are close to the flow of goods and, together with our analysis team, have assessed what effects the proposed ground rent tax could have on Norwegian salmon, as seen from a market perspective,” he explained.


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