Gourmet magazine hails Bakkafrost salmon as ‘the best’


Denmark’s renowned food magazine Gastro has voted Bakkafrost smoked salmon the best product in its class.

The food and wine magazine, which is widely read by professional career people, compared its salmon with eight different smoked salmon products. Gastro describes itself as a monthly food and wine magazine for those seeking the best of the culinary world, and who do not want to compromise on quality.

The Gastro report said of the Bakkafrost offering: “Thin slices, beautifully sliced and packed. Amazing and delicate smoky taste without drowning out the taste of salmon. The slices are not ‘wet’ and fatty – a very good product.

“Expensive but the best product of all in the test. A QR code on the package provides you with the opportunity to get more information about the product.”

The magazine tested eight different types of salmon with the focus on the balance between three elements – fish, rye and salt – and also on the approach to production.

Although the different products had similar salt content, there was nevertheless a difference in how salty the products appeared to be.

Bakkafrost backs aquaculture research

Meanwhile, Bakkafrost is to provide funding worth DKK 5.6m (around £665,000) to the University of the Faroe Islands to extend research collaboration involving the aquaculture industry.

The project aims to improve knowledge about the ecosystems in the Faroese fjords and wider marine environment to support the development of the aquaculture sector.

The collaboration will work to improve knowledge and strengthen assessments regarding the impact from the industry on the fjords as well as the potential impact that climate change could have on the fjord ecosystems and on Faroese aquaculture.

The funding will also support the establishing of a new University Centre for Ocean Modelling. Ocean modelling is a vital element in research into oceanography and the impacts from climate change, and through the agreement.

In addition to improving knowledge about the impact from salmon farming and the potential impact from climate change, the project includes research into fish health and welfare as well as biosecurity.

Bakkafrost COE Regin Jacobsen said: “The extended agreement is part of our sustainability project, the Healthy Living fund, which aims to establish partnerships with companies, institutions and organisations which have a positive impact on the local communities in which we operate.

“We hope that this collaboration will provide valuable knowledge for the industry and support fish welfare and biologically and environmentally responsible operations.”

Chik Collins, Rector at the University of the Faroe Islands (left) with and Regin Jacobsen, CEO, Bakkafrost



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