Norway to spend £33m promoting seafood in 2023

The Norwegian Seafood Council is planning to spend NOK 408 million (£33.2m) on global marketing next year, with more than half that figure promoting farmed salmon and trout.

It is one of the largest national promotion budgets for seafood and will go to most corners of the world.

Norwegian Seafood Council, Børge Grønbech, director of global operations at the Council said the 2023 marketing plans were ready at the start of October which gave exporters a good planning horizon and time to get involved in the Council’s activities.

The money will be distributed across 25 markets and through 40 different marketing plans.

Grønbech said the overall goals will be to increase the value of and knowledge of Norwegian seafood and strengthen the position of Norwegian seafood even in uncertain times.

The Council also aims to make Norwegian seafood more visible and more competitive in the battle for consumers and place sustainable Norwegian seafood even higher on the agenda.

The investments are distributed as follows between the sectors:

  • Salmon and trout: NOK 205m
  • Whitefish: NOK 85m
  • Conventional: NOK 55m
  • Pelagic: NOK 40m
  • Shellfish: NOK 23m

Grønbech said that while much of the investment will concentrate on core markets, the Council will also try to open up new areas including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

“These are markets with great growth potential that it is important to develop,” he added.

The United States, where sales have been increasing recently, is one country that will receive special attention next year. The Council plans to spend NOK 44m (£3.5m) on the U.S. next year, and much of that will be spent promoting salmon.


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