French retailer pulls salmon products in listeria scare

The French retail chain LeClerc has been forced to pull one of its main smoked salmon products following a nationwide warning of a possible serious listeria contamination.

The salmon is thought to be of Norwegian origin and was being sold in six slice packs throughout France under LeClerc’s Ronde Des Mers seafood line.

The fish has been on sale between late August and last week with a 1 March 2023 use by date. The public are being told not to eat it on the grounds that it may be infected by listeriosis, which can pose a serious threat to the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Healthy people, however, generally suffer mildly, sometimes with no obvious symptoms.

LeClerc has more than 700 stores across France and at least 50 more outside the country. Customers are being told to take the product back to the shop where they purchased it and they will receive a refund.

Anyone who has already eaten the product may be at risk, and should be aware of symptoms such as fever, headaches, and aches and pains. Those who feel such symptoms are being advised to consult their doctor, and report they have eaten smoked salmon. Listeriosis has a long incubation period sometimes up to eight weeks after consumption of the infected product.

This is not the first such incident with smoked salmon. Processors and food health authorities have expressed concern over what they believe has been a notable rise in contaminations involving other retailers over recent months, in Europe and elsewhere.


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