Barramundi producer plans to farm in Arizona


Barramundi producer MainStream Aquaculture has announced the purchase of a land-based farm in Arizona.

The 1,100 acre facility, where it already has a pilot plant, will eventually be used to produce barramundi for the North American market.

The move also reverses the recent trend of Australian aquaculture businesses being the target of overseas predators.

MainStream is one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of barramundi and exports into 27 countries across five continents. It said the purchase will allow it to expand its growing portfolio of assets to US domestic production.

The statement adds: “MainStream’s rapidly growing aquaculture business in Australia provides a template for a successful USA business that can be scaled to meet domestic market demand.

“The Arizona farm is MainStream’s first international acquisition and a major step forward in its core long-term objective to globalise its sustainable seafood business model.”

It described the new farming site in Arizona as a desert oasis with pristine natural water sources which will become a central hub for Barramundi production in the USA.

The USA business will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of the MainStream Aquaculture group.

Boris Musa, MainStream Aquaculture Group CEO said: “Barramundi is a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable fish ideal for aquaculture. We are immensely proud to expand our operations in the USA after several years’ market testing the product and operating a pilot scale barramundi farm in Arizona.”

“By applying the capabilities we have developed over 20 years in Australia, we are confident the venture will establish barramundi as a premium, sustainable, ethically produced and widely appealing white fish in the USA.”

MainStream barramundi farm, Australia


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