Pringle back to Mowi to head Canada East business

Former Mowi Scotland operations director Gideon Pringle has returned to the company he left almost three years ago.

This time he is moving across the Atlantic to North America to become Managing Director of Mowi Canada East’s operations.

Pringle is seen as an experienced and high profile fish farming figure who has had at least two previous spells with the world’s largest salmon farming business. Educated at the University of Aberdeen, he first joined Mowi (when it was known as Marine Harvest) in 2016 after five years as farming director with the trout farmer Dawnfresh. In 2019 he left Mowi to take up the role of Director of Farming with Scottish Sea Farms.

Speaking of his appointment, Pringle said: “Both Canada East and Scotland share the North Atlantic Ocean and, not surprisingly, also share many of the same farming challenges.

“During my time in the aquaculture sector, I have come to realize that there is no single formula about how to farm salmon – they can be farmed in many different ways, equally successfully.”

He added: “The key is to be knowledgeable, adaptable and most important have the best team of people. I am very happy to rejoin Mowi and be a part of this very motivated team that will lead Canada East to realise its full potential.”

Pringle takes over from the highly experienced Alan Cook who had been in the role for the past two years. In a LinkedIn post Cook, who has worked in several countries including New Zealand and the United States, described his time with Mowi as an “incredible experience… and a time of intense personal development and growth.”

He added: “I’m going to take a break and then start thinking about next steps. This will be my first summer off in 30 years!”

Ben Hadfield, Chief Operating Officer for Mowi’s Scotland, Ireland, Faroese and Canada East farming regions, said he was pleased to see the close cooperation and learning between regions.

He said: “We have a strong team in Canada East, and we also have the added advantage at Mowi to augment and support our operations with experienced salmon farmers.

“I believe we now have established the best possible team that will work hard and smart, safely and at pace to realize the success we know is possible in Canada East and specifically the southern coast of Newfoundland.”

Mowi said Pringle will move to Canada immediately following receipt of required Canadian work permits.

Earlier this year, in January Kris Laird, Seawater Production Director in the Canadian team moved from Mowi’s operations in The Western Isles (Scotland) to Canada.



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