BioFeyn wins Seafood Innovation Award for 2022

BioFeyn, an aquafeed biotechnology business using nature-based materials, has been named as the winner of the Seafood Innovation Award at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum this morning.

Founder and CEO Timothy Bouley, who is based in the US, accepted the award remotely.

BioFeyn has applied biotechnology developed for human healthcare to create a solution that encapsulates aquafeed and feed additives in a biodegradable shell that is easily absorbed by the fish. The company describes this as a “targeted, modular delivery system”.

It uses materials that are largely from the marine environment, including algae. By improving bioavailability and the absorption of nutrients, the amount of feed and medicinal components passing through into the environment as pollution is reduced.

BioFeyn is headquartered in the US, but works primarily with the aquaculture sector in Norway.

Runners up in the Seafood Innovation Award were:

  • Marea – which provides a packaging solution based on algae;
  • EasyX – which has designed a “vertical cleaning robot” for fish tanks and land-based aquaculture;
  • Submerged AS – which has developed a system for counting fish in pens and calculating biomass;
  • Wellfish Diagnostics – a UK-based business offering an alternative to lethal fish diagnosis, using blood tests;
  • Tekslo Seafood – which is developing farmed seaweed;
  • SoftSeaweed – a software developer which offers a monitoring and management solution for seaweed farmers; and
  • Searas – which offers new technology for waste treatment and water quality monitoring for closed fish farming.

The awards were sponsored by NCE Innovation Cluster, Pareto and DNB.

The awards are part of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, being held this week in Bergen, Norway.


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