Seafish drops marketing campaign after review

UK industry body Seafish is to drop its “Love Seafood” marketing campaign. It will also review the way the organisation is funded, with the aim of replacing the existing levy system.

The changes are spelled out in a five year corporate plan for Seafish, following  the results of a recent strategic review.

Seafish said: “We are pleased to say the Strategic Review has given us a strong steer and mandate going forward and a renewed sense that industry need our support now more than ever.

There were  three clear outcomes from the consultation, Seafish said:

  1. There is an overwhelming need for Seafish to exist. We will keep supporting the seafood industry in the UK to thrive.
  2. We have a clear steer on the highest priorities for industry right now. Industry also told us we are currently spread too thin. We will focus our efforts and direct our resources towards those priorities.
  3. The industry acknowledged the levy system  is outdated. We will work with the Government to reform the levy and there will be further consultation with industry.

CEO Marcus Coleman said: “You have told us the levy (due on first hand purchases of most seafood)  is outdated  and unfair so we have made representations to government to review it.

He added: “As a result of the demand for more focus on the issues above, we are making immediate changes to some of our existing activities.

“The most significant change is we are stopping consumer marketing activity through Love Seafood. This will allow us to release funds to other on issues you want help with.”

The campaign will wind down from this week.

The Seafish Review said: “The industry told us they value our engagement across the UK and it was clear that there is an opportunity to build on existing strong relationships with the devolved administrations.”

Other recommendations to be addressed include:

  • Outdated governance arrangements by updating the Framework Agreement and moving the corporate plan cycle from three years to five years.
  • Delivering  increased partnership opportunities with the four UK administrations.
  • Consolidating Seafish’s position as the only organisation working across the seafood supply chain and across the UK.


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