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Swansea University delivers excellence in aquaculture education, research and innovation

Aquaculture offers an incredibly diverse job opportunity. If you are a student just starting, changing careers, or wish to upskill your competences then the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR) at Swansea University can help you out.

Our £3.3m facilities include a state-of-the-art suite of 16 RAS and some of the largest Algal Biotech facilities among HEIs (higher education institutions) in the UK. We focus on welfare, behaviour, conservation, and sustainability, and work with over 35 species of aquatic organisms, including fish, algae and shellfish.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate Aquaculture & Fisheries courses offer students the possibility of working on a commercial grade recirculating aquaculture system and carry out their own aquaculture projects. As an aquaculture student at Swansea University, you will benefit from opportunities to collaborate with commercial sponsors, including a year in industry. We also offer internship opportunities and support the organization of events, such as the first and second symposia on Welfare in Aquaculture.

At CSAR you will benefit from a supportive team of experienced lecturers, researchers and aquaculture specialists that will open new career opportunities. You will join a dynamic team committed to innovation and research excellence: for example, we grow microalgae used in biomedical research, to produce biofuels, and more nutritious aquafeeds; we use zebrafish and killifish for translational research into human diseases; we culture native cleaner fish to control sea lice and support the salmon industry and are leading the precision aquaculture and biophilic movement in Wales through the use of novel sensors and large-scale aquaponics.

Learn more: CSAR on YouTube bit.ly/CSAR_ACE; Symposia on Welfare in Aquaculture www.welfareaquaculture.com/
Get in touch: Paul Howes: p.n.howes@swansea.ac.uk

Pictures showcasing our facilities and some emblematic species. From top left: lumpfish; tilapia; aquaponics building; RAS B; Innovation laboratory with top view of tilapia tank; Twin RAS; C4 Algae laboratory showing microalgae production; close up of killifish; close up of zebrafish.




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