Norway reports record July for salmon

July emerged as another outstanding month for Norwegian seafood exports, with farmed salmon again leading the way, new figures show today.

Overseas sales of fish of all types totalled NOK 9.5bn (£775m), up in value terms by 21% or NOK 1.6bn, but it is the growth in salmon exports which has been attracting attention. They rose by 10% in volume last month to 103,100 tonnes.

The value was 6.9bn (£563m), a rise of 24% on July last year when the coronavirus pandemic was at its height. Norwegian Seafood Council analyst Paul Aandahl said: “We have never seen a stronger July for salmon exports, neither in volume nor value. Increased tourism and a gradual reopening of the restaurant sector has increased the demand for salmon compared to July last year.”

He added: “The largest growth market for salmon in July is China, but it must be mentioned that it is compared with a relatively weak July last year.”

Sales of farmed trout continued to decline in volume terms – down by 13% to 6,200 tonnes. But the value rose by 11% to NOK 381m £31m).

Sales of fresh cod also showed a healthy increase – up by 26% to 2,300 tonnes and up in value by 10% to NOK 92m, with Denmark, Germany and Sweden the largest market.

Frozen cod exports fared less well, however, down by 14% in volume and 19% in value. Exports of both king crab and snow crab increased last month, while cold water shrimp (prawn) rose by 24% in volume and 31% in value. Pelagic species such as mackerel and herring also performed satisfactorily.


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