Sea bream in the pink thanks to new feed

Fish feed producer Aller Aqua says it has been able to increase both the colouration and nutritional content in sea bream through the launch of a new product.

The company says farmed sea bream often lacks the deep and appealing colours of wild sea bream, but maintains its new feed, ALLER LUCET, can help bring them out.

Paired with added omega-3 fatty acids, the deeper colouration increases the fish’s overall consumer appeal and nutritional value.

Wild sea bream generally feed on a large variety of organisms and this diet creates a deeper colouration. However, while the farmed diet is optimised for health and growth, its limited variety makes for a lighter coloured fish. Naturally derived raw materials in the farmed sea bream diet can however change this, enhancing the colouration and adding nutritional value.

Lucet is the Latin word for “shining”.  ALLER LUCET is a finisher feed and is recommended for use at least 10 weeks before harvest for maximum effect. The feed has been enhanced with naturally derived raw materials.

Aller Aqua is a family owned business and has been producing fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture for the past 50 years. Starting out in 1963, it has subsequently developed into one of the worlds most experienced fish feed producers.

The company has factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, China, Zambia and Serbia, and it export its products to more than 60 countries worldwide.


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