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The Scottish parliamentary elections of 6 May resulted in the SNP retaining their place in government (with the support of the Scottish Greens). Politically the status quo continues as before, then, but that does not mean “no change”.

In the May issue of Fish Farmer we take a look at what this means from the aquaculture perspective, with a pledge from the SNP to streamline the cumbersome planning consent process for fish farms – and to introduce a Norwegian-style system of auctions which could raise more funds for the public purse.

Meanwhile, fish welfare continues to be an important issue for the industry, and in this issue we also explore how this applies to the harvesting process. Technology, and our increasing understanding of fish biology and behaviour, are helping to develop a more humane approach to slaughter which benefits fish welfare and also results in a better quality product.

We also find out how Zimbabwe’s Keith Nicholson built a successful tilapia farming business on the shores of Lake Kariba, starting out when aquaculture in the country was almost unheard of.

This issue also focuses on Canada, where the federal government’s decision to shut down farms in the Discovery Islands continues to have repercussions; and we profile Organic Sea Harvest as it prepares to bring to the market its first batch of organic salmon, raised in the waters around Skye.

Nicki Holmyard explores the possibilities in using land-based farming to produce warm-water species in the UK, while Vince McDonagh finds out about a project applying artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to farmed salmon.

It’s another packed issue which, we hope, will have something for everyone! You can start reading the May issue here



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