The April 2021 issue of Fish Farmer magazine is online


The April issue of Fish Farmer magazine is out now and you can view the online version here.

It’s been a turbulent period for the industry and it has had to face down critics on a number of fronts, from a Compassion in World Farming report alleging poor practice in Scottish fish farms – which was not upheld by independent inspections by RSPCA Assured – to Netflix’s controversial and hotly disputed documentary Seaspiracy.

Fish welfare is at the heart of many of these debates, and it is highlighted in this issue’s Fish Health and Welfare feature. We look at a range of welfare issues, from how to make vaccination safe and efficient to assessing and safeguarding the health of cleaner fish.

Also in this month’s Fish Farmer magazine, we look at Containment and Anti-predator Solutions, in the light of new regulations protecting marine mammals, including seals. Since seals are smart, determined and abundant predators for farmed fish in northern waters, what can farmers do to prevent their stock becoming prey?

Given the importance of provenance and quality in seafood, traceability is also of prime importance but, as Sandy Neil reports, there is no one accepted method for ensuring that the fish on your plate is what it is supposed to be.

We also find out how training and education have fared under pandemic conditions; Nicki Holmyard explains how sea cucumbers could fulfil a vital role in helping to clean up the seabed; and Martin Jaffa calls out inconsistency in the arguments of the angling lobby.

You can read all this and more in the latest issue of Fish Farmer.


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