Norwegian ministry looks to streamline regulations

Norway’s Seafood and Fisheries Minister has recruited a small team of fish farming industry experts to help him get rid of outdated regulations.

Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen wants to simplify many of the rules which govern the sector and replace them with legislation more in line with the needs of the future.

Instead of turning to civil servants, he has invited five executives from various branches of the commercial industry to help him.

Ingebrigtsen said: “I have on a number of occasions received input [from the sector] on what changes and simplifications governing regulations that affect the aquaculture industry are needed.

“We must try to remove as many unnecessary obstacles as possible for both the large and small players so that we can provide even better arrangements for increased value creation, and more jobs along the entire coast.”

The working group, which has been given a brief to iron out ambiguities and come up with ideas that avoid areas of potential conflict, is scheduled to have its recommendations ready by 1 June this year.

However, they can only change those regulations which come under the remit of the Fisheries and Seafood Minister.

The Minister said he hopes the working group will not only simplify some of the rules, but will drop those they feel are outdated or unnecessarily bureaucratic.

He added: “At the same time we must ensure we still have good control where that is necessary.”

The Minister’s working group consists of:

  • Line Ellingsen of Ellingsen Seafood;
  • Fredd Wilsgård of Wilsgård fish farming;
  • Jim Roger Nordly of the aquaculture support company STIM;
  •  Liv Marit Aarseth of Grieg Seafood; and
  • Harald Ellefsen of the legal firm SANDS which includes aquaculture among its areas of expertise.



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