Salmon farmers say ‘We couldn’t do it without you’


Salmon farmers are taking out a full page advertisement throughout the Scottish press to say “thank you” to communities in the Highlands and islands for their support for the industry through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The advertisement – in the form of an open letter from Tavish Scott, SSPO Chief Executive, to communities  – will appear from tomorrow in four national papers in Scotland and 10 local titles.

The letter highlights the efforts made by everyone from ferry staff to hauliers in keeping the salmon sector moving through the last 12 months.

Scott says in the letter: “These last 12 months have been hard. Businesses have suffered, health and care workers have been under extraordinary pressure and families everywhere have lost loved ones.

“Yet, through it all, Scotland’s island and Highland communities have shown remarkable resilience. As you have cared for the most vulnerable amongst us, you have extended that same hand of support to our sector.”

He adds: “The results of this collective effort are clear: good fish health and great rates of growing fish through to harvest.”

The advertisements will appear in Scotland’s four main national titles (The Scotsman, The Herald, The Press and Journal and The Courier) on Saturday March 20, and then in local newspapers across Scotland’s salmon farming areas, from Shetland to Argyll, over the coming week.

The SSPO message goes on: “Our farmers produced more than 800 million fresh, nutritious and healthy meals in the last year, helping Scottish salmon remain the UK shoppers’ fish of choice…

“Quite simply, we couldn’t do it without you. With your continued support, we can all look forward to better times ahead.”

Tavish Scott


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