Kvarøy Arctic wins sole supplier status with US distributor Pod Foods


Norwegian fish farmer Kvarøy Arctic has been selected as the sole seafood supplier for Pod Foods, a US-based distributor that is using technology to challenge established models in the food sector.
Kvarøy will be supplying seafood products to consumers via Pod’s network, including frozen portions, smoked salmon, salmon burgers and salmon hotdogs in four flavours.
Entrepreneurs Fiona Lee and Larissa Russell founded Pod Foods after finding their cookie business was not being well served by existing distribution networks in the US. The venture capital-backed company uses a tech platform to connect retailers with producers. Pod’s network handles both fulfilment and logistics, charging retailers on a subscription basis and taking a percentage of each transaction.
So far Cherry Hills Market (New York), Cox Farms Market (Dallas & Austin), and Acorn Acres (Chicagoland) are among the stores committed to carrying Kvarøy Arctic through the Pod Foods network.
Kvarøy Arctic is a family-owned business that stresses sustainability in its production, with open ocean sites off Indre Kvarøy in northern Norway.
Pod Foods representative Tom Jacobson said: “This is the first frozen seafood company we’re adding to the platform so it’s important to us that our category launch partner is one that is cutting edge in sustainability and nutrition. We found each other at the right time and this is the perfect fit for Pod Foods customers.”

Fiona Lee (L) and Larissa Russell, Pod Foods co-founders


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