BioMar signs up for Swedish RAS salmon project

Roy Hoias

A major land-based salmon farming project in Sweden has signed up international feed group BioMar as its supplier. BioMar and Quality Salmon Sotenäs AB have agreed a deal for BioMar to provide feed for Quality Salmon’s new site once it starts production in 2022.
The farm, based in Sotenäs, in western Sweden, aims to produce 100,000 tons of salmon annually. It will operate using a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) and has been financed by Norwegian-owned investor Lighthouse Finance.
Roy W. Høiås, CEO of Lighthouse Finance A/S, said: “Investing 17-20 BSEK [billion Swedish kronor] in the industrial park and aiming for a future production of 100,000 tons salmon per year demonstrates our level of ambition pretty clearly. We want to do more than just framing the producing of salmon. That is why we have chosen to partner with BioMar, as we share a mutual vision that sustainability and innovation are the key drivers for success.”
The investment in Sotenäs is part of the municipality’s drive to become a centre for sustainable seafood production. The Quality Salmon farm is envisaged as an integrated site, eventually managing the whole process for feed production to waste processing.
Ole Christensen, vice president of BioMar said: “We have been working with feed solutions for RAS for more than 20 years and we are excited to partner with Quality Salmon Sotenäs to join them on their journey.
“We have a strong focus on finding innovative and sustainable feed solutions and being a part of a project that has a focus on circular economy and adoption of new raw materials, makes it a good match with the way we do our business.”


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