Sharp drop in August salmon exports

Norwegian Seafood Council analyst Paul Aandahl

Norwegian salmon exports took a big Covid hit during August, the latest figures out today show.

Overseas sales fell by seven per cent in volume terms to 95,100 tonnes and were down 13 per cent in value to NOK 5.3 billion (£448 million) on the same month last year.

Paul T. Aandahl, analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council, said:

\’During the corona pandemic, an increasing proportion of salmon has been consumed at home instead of in restaurants. This has led to a sharp increase in sales of salmon in the grocery trade. One consequence of this is that an increasing share of salmon exports now goes to Poland, which is the most important processing country for salmon.\’

Poland, France and Denmark were the largest markets for Norwegian salmon in August. In fact a total of of 15,885 tonnes of salmon products were exported to Poland in August, which accounts for just under 17 per cent of total exports. The export volume was 76 per cent higher than to Denmark, which is the second largest market. In fact the EU is now becoming an increasingly important market for Norwegian salmon with the value share increasing from 69 to 74 per cent.

Aandahl added:

\’France is one of the markets that has taken a U-turn in the corona period. When the country closed down, the French were only allowed to shop in the convenience store. The country has now opened up, and this has an effect on salmon exports. It also helps that the grocery chains have started running price campaigns on salmon to attract customers.\’

Farmed trout sales fared somewhat better with export rising by 22 per cent in volume to 6,900 tonnes last month. But the value only rose by two per cent to NOK 5-million.

Seafood exports of all types including whitefish fell by 14 per cent or NOK 1.2 billion to NOK 7.3 billion (£617 million) because of weaker demand.


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