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NLB water jets specifically designed for harsh environments

Cleaners of net pens both in-situ and onshore require reliable, effective water jet cleaning systems to remove algae, waste matter and other organic growth that restrict water flow reducing oxygen levels and water quality which affect fish health, growth and harvest yield.

NLB’s 225, 325 and 605 Series water jetting pumps are specifically designed for the demanding rigours of net cleaning in the harshest of environments. Extremely reliable, these proven triplex and quintuplex pump systems are slow running, minimizing wear on internal components. They provide up to 4,000 psi (275 bar) of trouble-free, low-maintenance performance. NLB offers a number of options in a fleet of aquaculture-specific systems ranging from 200 hp (149 kw) to 500 hp (372 kw) with a range of flows from 73 gpm (276 lpm) to 212 gpm (800 lpm). The NLB aquaculture series pump systems feature stainless steel pump heads, exhaust and boost pump components to bring added longevity to component life in sea water environments.

The development of the NLB Series was the result of consultation and collaboration with industry leading net cleaners. Significant consideration to create a simple-to-service, compact unit drove the development process of the aquaculture series. Andrew Chilkiewicz, Marketing Manager at NLB, believes all of the customer requirements have been incorporated into the units:
‘A small footprint, pump reliability and serviceability were key to the development process. When you’re at the nets, miles from any port, you just can’t have issues with the equipment. This system, along with the support of our global footprint for parts and service, also add to the reasons why NLB is at the forefront of net cleaning system manufacturing.’

Other unit features include space-saving roll-up doors integrated into an aluminium enclosure, an undermount skid drip pan and an onboard, compact hydraulic system. Large diameter hoses are standard to keep water velocities low and reduce pressure drop. A remote pressure monitoring system and engine default indicator gives operators assurance the unit is running at peak performance. Commonality of system components across power ranges make servicing a fleet easy.

NLB’s design approach to the aquaculture series has relied on almost 50 years of water jetting experience. The company’s dedicated engineering resources allowed a holistic approach to the design and manufacturing of these units and an end user functionality. Notable is the fact that these units can easily be integrated with most net cleaning head systems in the market. NLB units along with their service and support capabilities can be found around the world.

David Beckington, Vice President of International Sales for NLB, said:
‘We believe our aquaculture series pump units are absolutely the best net cleaning systems customers can rely upon to provide extremely reliable and efficient operation. Some of our customers using our systems are very data driven and they have realized through cost tracking analysis that NLB systems have a significantly lower cost-of-operation compared to the competition.’

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Features: NLB customer facility in Northwest Canada
1: Small footprint with rollup doors allows easy access
12: Slow running, easily maintained NLB pump


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