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Webster Griffin offers packing solutions for aquaculture

Webster Griffin, based in Crowborough in East Sussex, have been manufacturing equipment for packing fish feed and Salmon food into all types of bags for over 20 years.

Their open and consultative approach means that they benefit from customer feedback, enabling them to continually innovate and update their technology. Webster Griffin strive to develop bagging solutions which, owing to the remote, inhospitable marine locations of most fish feed factories, must pump out production around the clock with minimum down time.

The company told Fish Farmer:
‘We are proud to count many of the world’s leading salmon food manufactures amongst our clients, including Cooke and previously Skretting, Mowi, EWOS Cargill and Biomar’.

As every clients operating philosophies are different so are the solutions available from Webster Griffin:- compact low throughput, economical packing lines for factories who benefit from cheap readily available labour and therefore pack continuously 24 hrs per day, or alternatively high speed automatic systems for  producers who manufacture feed continuously, but only wish to  run the packing line during one shift per day with very few operators.

The 1.5 ton Big Bag of FIBC is the optimum unit load for shipping the feed from the factory to the fish farm, it is more convenient and much more economical than handling 60 x 25 kg bags on a pallet, hence it has become a worldwide standard, and Webster Griffin have kept pace with this trend by  developing a range of machinery to fill bulk bags with pellets at rates of up to 90 tons per hour (60 x 1.5 ton bags). For special batch producers they supply 15-25 ton/h machines.

To avoid the need for purchasing, handling and returning wooden pallets, their new machines facilitate ‘pallet less’ bulk bag filling, while their unique patented ‘Semi-Suspension’ filling ensures filled bags are tightly packed and stand up straight – essential when the filing line is combined with an automatic full bag transport and accumulation conveyor system.

As with Webster Griffin’s Super Sac or Jumbo Bag filling systems, they offer a comprehensive range of bag filling machines, from low cost manually operated bagging stations for 10 tones/h, to fully automatic high speed Form Fill Seal bagging lines for 30 tonnes/h.

Even when running at 15 tons/h, form fill seal provides a highly cost effective and reliable method of automatically filling 10 kg, 25 kg, and even 50 kg bags, while the company’s robot palletisers have proven their worth in over 80 installations worldwide.

Webster Griffin are integrators and distributors of Okura robots, which are highly versatile, easy to set up, programme and maintain and exceptionally fast. The new Ai 1800 is the quickest on the market – all reinforced by Okura’s legendary reliability and backed up by support from Webster Griffin’s Service department and team of Field Engineers.

The trend towards increased automation and higher speed packing is inevitable. A major cost saving for most clients in Europe comes with the adoption of automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and the company’s ‘Line Integrator’ range of AGV’s mean that clients can cost effectively connect all packing lines with an automatic pallet wrapper and their warehouse or dispatch area. The ‘Line Integrator’ AGV’s will also load empty piles of pallets into the pallet magazine in an auto bag palletising line, enabling the totally automated packing process to become a reality.



Featured image:Versatile, fast, reliable. Fully automatic FFS (Form Fill Seal) bag filing and palletising line from Webster Griffin
1. High speed Bulk Bag system
2. Rugged, high speed ‘pallet-less’ FIBC/Bulk Bag filling line at Biomar, Grangemouth, Scotland


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