Revolution for Shrimp Counting


If you are looking for the most accurate full water pipe counter available for counting Shrimp then the VAKI Pico counter is the answer.

VAKI Pico Counter

With over 99% accuracy and high capacity, VAKI Pico counter is equipped with a high resolution line scanning camera and sophisticated image recognition technology to capture and count all the shrimp passing through the counter.

The unique design gives the most reliable counting available on the market. This design eliminates all duplicate counting and makes sure that each and every shrimp or fish is scanned and counted. When the juveniles are pumped or syphoned through the counter the line scanning camera grabs a silhouette image of each individual. These images are then analysed and used for counting and in some cases for size estimation. All the images are permanently stored and can be used for verifying the accuracy and quality of each counting session. Both the images and a count report are stored on the counter itself and with Wi-Fi connection all counting sessions can be automatically backed up to the VAKI Cloud, giving access at any time and any place.

The Wi-Fi connection also enables our VAKI service team to log into the counter to support the user, check the operation of the counter and update software.

Another advantage of the Pico Counter is that the unit is very portable and comes ready to use. Simply connect your fish pump/syphon to the inlet and start the counting session. Our VAKI service team will help you every step of the way should any questions arise. This counter is very gentle on shrimp as with no need to dewater the individuals remain fully in water at all times.

The Pico Counter comes in three sizes 2,5”, 4” and 6” to suit standard pipes/hoses. The Pico Counter water flow capacity ranges from 7.500 L/per hour to 70.000 L/per hour and shrimp sizes from 0.003gr to 30gr.

The built in alarm system will warn when there is a potential for counting overload and gives the user an opportunity to slow down the pump to ensure best accuracy. All counting information is logged and stored and with the count report the user can easily determine the quality of the count.

The report will indicate if the counter has been in overload and for how long and to decide if necessary to further review the images to make any corrections to the count.



VAKI SmartFlow

The “SmartFlow” system is VAKI’S latest development that enables the user to have complete integrated overview and control of all VAKI devices.

All VAKI counters, graders and fish pumps are available Smart and with SmartFlow they can communicate directly with each other and give the user the complete overview and control of all the operations of the equipment centrally from the counter.

With the Pico Counter and Smart Fish Pump from VAKI you can control the pump start/stop, speed and prime the pump directly from the Pico computer. With SmartFlow technology we simplify the process and maximize efficiency.




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