Rapid response to get the right genes

Xelect's Dr Marie Smedley. The genetics team has launched a rapid response service (photo: Xelect)

ST ANDREWS based genetics specialist Xelect has launched what it calls a rapid response range of services for the aquaculture sector.

Xelect Express will provide services including genotyping, pedigree assignment, gene expression, ploidy and sex determination.

The company has been managing breeding programmes for fish farmers since 2012, but the new service offers quick, cost effective access to its genetics expertise, said Xelect.

Xelect CEO Ian Johnston said: ‘Our breeding programme customers have always had access to our genetic testing services, but recently we’ve seen demand increase.

‘Whether it’s impartially checking the ploidy of eggs, or conducting spot checks to avoid inbreeding in broodstock, people want to have certainty over the quality of their supplies and the long-term health of their stocks.’

The tests will be available globally, and conducted by Xelect’s expert team, led by operations director Tom Ashton.

‘Our teams use the latest technology and insights to offer fast turnaround, guaranteed technical excellence, total confidentiality and – of course – a low price,’ said Ashton.

The services include:

  • Ploidy determination : the 24-hour service is valuable for fish breeders looking to improve their processes or to certify their product, and for farms looking to check the quality of their supplies. Xelect can usually issue a next day Certificate of Ploidy;
  • Sex determination in salmonids : an excellent way to manage stock control, says Xelect, allowing sex to be determined at the earliest stages. Results are usually returned within 10 days of sample receipt;
  • Genotyping and relatedness analysis: the genetic analysis of broodstock enables problems associated with inbreeding to be avoided and ensures the long-term sustainability of a breeding programme;
  • Gene expression: Xelect offers gene expression measurements to help with the development of new feeds and vaccines.



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