Tasting session for salmon fed on insects

Black soldier fly - a potential alternative to fishmeal

A TASTING session involving specially bred salmon was due to take place in Iceland today.

The difference from other events of this type is that the fish was raised on salmon feed that contained insects.

The move is part of an ongoing project, now drawing to a close, known as Metamorphosis, which was carried out by the food and biotech research and development company Matís.

It is now keen to find out what people think about the taste of fish given this type of special feed.

Matís said studies have shown that insects are a good fit for fish feed production as many species have the ability to convert organic waste into a diet rich in fats and proteins.

‘The project specifically looks at the development of new feed ingredients made from insects that could be used to respond to increased protein deficiencies in Europe in a sustainable way,’ said the company.

‘Metamorphosis focuses on turning organic waste streams into a valuable, next generation aquaculture feed ingredient.

‘Many insects are very efficient in transforming organic wastes into sustainable nutrients, rich in proteins and fats.

‘Based on currently available waste streams, several thousand tonnes of insect meal could be produced at a favourable price and quality.’

Matis added: ‘More than half of all aquatic species are now produced by aquaculture and its production is likely to double in the next 15 years, and insect meal has been demonstrated to successfully provide nutrition to fish.’


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