SentrOXY the answer to many oxygen sensor problems


SentrOXY is the most superior answer to many oxygen sensor problems, an innovative and smart series of optical oxygen sensors with an integrated control unit from Sentronic.

Sentronic has been developing optical measuring systems for more than 25 years. Based on its experience in pharmaceutical process analysis, it offers products that meet the highest safety requirements of your process control. Ultimately, if any malfunctions occur, the health of the fish can be determined within minutes.

With their integrated controllers and switching outputs, the sensors can independently control the processes, for example to regulate the supply of oxygen on the basis of threshold values or alarm signals. This leads to a high degree of operational safety, significantly reduces installation costs. And it simplifies the integration effort into central controllers, since these can access the states to be set directly via the digital bus (for example, the threshold value or time interval) and thus the programming of such evaluation algorithms is not required. Of course, the peripherals connected to the sensor can be directly controlled via this bus, using the central control, but now you have a back-up control system.

The variety of available analogue and digital interfaces enables a simple upgrade or modification of existing systems, as well as the installation of new complete state-of-the-art digital technology systems.

The unique interface, integrated in the sensor and with its coloured LED feedback, helps you to easily install and safely operate your system. Because the interface is directly applied to the sensor, Sentronic offers the first sensors that no longer need to be removed from the process for reconfiguration, calibration or status information retrieval, dramatically reducing maintenance costs.
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