Fishupdate Briefing Friday February 1st

FUp Briefing

A ‘Fish Waste for Profit’ conference  is to run alongside the IceFish Exhibition in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik for the first time. Estimates reveal that 43 per cent  of fish and shellfish resources end up as wastage, which represents a significant amount of potential profit that could be generated from otherwise discarded material. Fish processing by-products are full of potentially valuable oils that can be used in foods, as well as high value products for non-food sectors such as biodiesel, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The Fish Waste for Profit conference offers delegates the opportunity to increase their knowledge on maximising return on investment from fish processing by-products. Organisers say that with gross catch tonnage on the decline and ever-increasing costs, it is more important than ever for the industry to minimise wastage and utilise opportunities to earn extra revenue. The conference will be held on April 10th and 11th.
DINERS in the UK could be eating meat from endangered sharks, says researchers from the University of Exeter. They have carried out DNA tests which show that shark products being sent to restaurants includes two species in danger of extinction with consumers probably unaware of what they are eating. One of those species is a shark called the scallop hammerhead. Dr Andrew Griffiths  from the research team told BBC News: \”The discovery of scalloped hammerheads connected to  shark fins that were destined to be sold in the UK highlights how widespread the sale of these endangered species really is,\”
MALCOLM Large, head of international trade at Seafish, for the past six years and the man who launched  the Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Awards,  has moved to become  executive director of the Frozen At Sea Fillets Association, an important trade  body representing catchers, processors and distributors. He takes over from John Rutherford who is retiring after eight years in the post. Having joined Seafish in 1985, Large is well known to UK seafood importers..He  was instrumental in setting up the Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition and managed it  until 2001. Large said he was delighted to be joining the association, also known as  Fasfa,  and  looked forward to continuing the good work that had taken place under the stewardship of John Rutherford. He added: “I am passionate about the fish and chip industry and ensuring that friers around the country continue to serve their customers quality fish that is sourced from well managed sustainable stocks.”
WHEN Grimsby Town fans, proud of their fishing heritage, travelled for a League Two game against Forest Green in Gloucestershire recently, they were more than a little surprised to see Quorn Vegan Fishless Fillets on the menu. Nick-named The Mariners, Grimsby Town’s main sponsor also happens to be Young’s, the UK’s largest seafood supplier, but Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green, is a dedicated  vegan. He said: “Forest Green is known around the world for our vegan food and our relationship with Quorn has been a big part of that. Their products are at the heart of many of our favourite dishes, including our famous Q Pie, and we were  excited to debut the Fishless Fillets in the match against The Mariners.”  To rub further salt into the wound, Forest Green won the match 3-0.


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