Unite to boost consumption says Seafish


THE UK seafood industry has been urged to unite if it wants to boost fish consumption.
The call has come from Seafish, the public body supporting Britain’s £6 billion seafood sector, as it publishes its new three-year corporate plan. This focuses on the UK government’s advice that people should more fish.
Recent research conducted by Seafish revealed that 72 per cent of adults do not know that they should be eating two portions of seafood a week, one of which should be oily.
This, coupled with stagnant consumer demand for seafood and strong competition from other proteins, has been recognised as an important issue for the seafood industry.
It is one of the key challenges for Seafish in the 2018-2021 corporate plan.
The plan sets out a bold vision for a thriving seafood sector. Increased consumption is a key factor, which will bring benefits beyond the supply chain, creating prosperity, bringing job opportunities, contributing to sustainable communities and improving the health and wellbeing of the public.
Seafish says it has worked closely with its three industry panels, which represent the seafood industry from catch to plate, to identify the issues and challenges that matter most.
As well as working to increase  consumption, Seafish will address four other critical challenges over the next three years:

  • Changing landscape – a changing political, economic and regulatory landscape as the UK exits the EU;
  • Safe and skilled workforce – competing with other food production sectors for access to a suitably skilled workforce, while addressing complex challenges around workplace safety;
  • Good source and supply – sourcing sustainable seafood in an increasingly competitive global market, alongside continued public concern over practices that compromise human welfare and the environment;
  • Deep insight – successfully accessing the data, information and knowledge that will ensure the sector is equipped to understand and respond innovatively to a changing environment.

Seafish CEO Marcus Coleman (pictured) said: ‘We believe seafood is the way forward for business, communities, the environment and for personal health and wellbeing.
‘Our new corporate plan’s message is clear. We want to unite the industry with a common purpose – a thriving seafood industry for all.
‘Getting more people to eat more seafood, more often plays a big part in that but we want to support the industry with issues like Brexit and responsible sourcing too.
‘We are in a unique position to offer an industry wide outlook and work in partnership with the sector to overcome the challenges it will face in the next few years and help to seize any opportunities that present themselves.’



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